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In its work, the Tuzla Open Center relies on the support of other civil society organizations, which share our values. In order to increase the social support network of LGBTI + people, it is important that we maintain relationships with our organizational friends in our work. Only through networking and working together can we achieve the desired results more efficiently.



Tuzla Cultural Center

Tuzla Cultural Center is an institution of great importance for the City of Tuzla. Through its work, it combines museum-gallery, cultural-artistic, publishing, scientific and research activities in order to improve the presentation of fine and applied arts, architecture, literature, music and other forms of artistic work and activities extremely important for the culture of the City.

Tuzla Open Center held Festivals with a queer sign in partnership with the Tuzla Cultural Center. Promoting queer culture in public space is extremely important for sensitizing the public about the problems faced by the LGBTI + community in Tuzla. Art is one of the most important tools to fight for a better position for LGBTI + people.


Tuzla Community Foundation

The Tuzla Community Foundation supports the participation of citizens in the democratic development of the community through networking and partnership, inclusion and empowerment of young people, and co-financing of civic initiatives and projects for sustainable community development. By promoting the culture of giving and volunteering, they combine donations and direct them to activities to improve living conditions in Tuzla Canton. Their vision is a vital and promising community of citizens who, through active participation and shared resources, create a sustainable and secure future for all generations.
It should be emphasized that FTZ was our first donor, and after continuous support we can say that the people from the Foundation are our friends. When we take everything into account, the Tuzla Community Foundation is one of the great allies in our fight for a better position of LGBTI + people in our local community.


The city of Tuzla

The City of Tuzla, by supporting the International Festival of Queer Film and Moderation "Merlinka" in 2017, entered the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina - because in this way for the first time an association dealing with LGBTI issues and rights received financial support from the institutional line of government. From that moment, the City of Tuzla is on our list of friends! The City of Tuzla has shown that it accepts its LGBTI + fellow citizens and thus promotes the democratic spirit and progress that we all benefit from.

We crowned our friendship by signing the Cooperation Agreement at the beginning of 2021.


The city of Tuzla is a longtime ally of the Tuzla Open Center in the fight for a better position of LGBTI people in our local community. The agreement represents a major step towards equal access to public services for all citizens. We continue to write a positive and new history in the City of Tuzla!


Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC)

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is a non-governmental organization working to ensure respect for human rights in practice. They do this through monitoring, reporting, teaching and through support for democracy.

NHC is a long-term donor of the Tuzla Open Center. With their help, we are implementing a three-year project entitled "Access to Justice for LGBTI People in Tuzla Canton". Through this project we have managed to make many positive changes in our local community. NHC allows us to continue our work and our vision to improve the position of LGBTI + people.


Revolt Youth Movement

OP "Revolt" is a longtime friend of the Tuzla Open Center. Since the founding of the organization, we have found support and friends in them!
The Revolt Youth Movement is a youth movement that brings together and organizes young people in the fight against injustice, poverty, violence, corruption, discrimination, irresponsible politicians and negative authorities. Their vision is that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a society in which, thanks to the active engagement of all citizens and the existence of responsible government, an equal socio-economic position of all has been achieved.


Sarajevo Open Center

The Sarajevo Open Center is an independent, feminist civil society organization that seeks to empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans * and intersex people and women through community strengthening and activist movement building. Their vision is Bosnia and Herzegovina as a society based on equal rights and opportunities for all, ie. a state built by active and engaged citizens and responsible government.

The Sarajevo Open Center and the Tuzla Open Center have been a sister and partner organization since its establishment, and with their continuous support and joint work, we have been realizing our vision and mission for many years.


Youth Council of the City of Tuzla

The Youth Council of the City of Tuzla is a network of youth associations registered in the Register of Youth Associations of the City of Tuzla. The main goals of VMGT are to increase the involvement of young people in the social and political life of the community, and create better conditions for their development. The founding assembly of the association was held on June 2, 2017. in the International Portrait Gallery in Tuzla.

Tuzla Open Center participated and was part of the founding Assembly of the Youth Council of the City of Tuzla. We have had our representative on the Board of Directors since its establishment. The Youth Council of the City of Tuzla has been our friend and ally since 2017. We are glad that from year to year they show the importance of having one LGBTI organization in their management structures.

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